PRINTS FOR WILDLIFE: 80+ Photographers, one cause - a print fundraiser to spread hope for nature in times of COVID-19

A group of acclaimed international wildlife photographers has come together for an unprecedented print fundraiser to support local communities and wildlife in some of Africa’s most important protected areas, uniting in response to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

80+ photographers from Botswana to Australia

As reports rolled in about the impact of COVID-19 and travel restrictions on ecotourism, local economies and conservation across Africa, two photographers from Austria and the Netherlands decided to take action. Marion Payr and Pie Aerts joined forces to start a print fundraiser to support people and wildlife in parks managed by partnerships between Governments and conservation non-profit African Parks.

Marion Payr and Pie Aerts started to reach out to a wide network of wildlife photographers to set in motion an unprecedented campaign to raise support for the protection of these critical wild ecosystems. The group consists of some of the best wildlife photographers in the world, from over 20+ different countries spanning Africa, Europe, North America, Australia and India with a combined reach of over 9 million followers on Instagram.

Campaign launch on 26th of July 2020

The print fundraiser titled “Prints for Wildlife” was launched on the 26th of July 2020 - featuring 80+ photos from acclaimed wildlife photographers. Each of the photographers has donated one limited fine art print to the fundraiser, which will be sold for 100 dollars through the online shop, "Prints for Wildlife”.

Fundraiser to support 18 protected areas in Africa

100% of the proceeds after printing and handling will be donated to African Parks for their conservation efforts spanning 18 parks and 14.1 million hectares which they manage in partnership with Governments and communities for the benefit of people and wildlife. Managed effectively, these vital natural landscapes safeguard biodiversity and support human wellbeing, delivering clean air and water, food security, carbon sequestration, livelihoods and healthcare.
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Notes to Editors 

Pie Aerts, Prints for Wildlife Co-founder and Photographer: “The key to conservation is putting people at the heart of the solution, with community programs supporting health, education, job security, and sustainable livelihoods. African Parks, and their approach to conservation in working closely with partners and communities, is ensuring that the protected areas under their management are safe places where people and wildlife can flourish. When the entire world plunged into crisis with the outbreak of COVID-19, I was moved to bring together some of the best wildlife photographers on the planet to use the power of art to contribute to conserving some of the most precious ecosystems in Africa" 
Marion Payr, Prints for Wildlife Co-founder and Photographer: “When COVID-19 began to spread across the world all of my travel projects came to an immediate halt. As a travel photographer I reached out to my diverse client base about what they were experiencing and their feedback served as poignant reminders of the link between tourism and conservation. This was the spark that ignited the idea for “Prints for Wildlife” to join forces through art in the absence of tourism to support conservation and build awareness of these extraordinary places”


A fundraiser to support African wildlife & communities
80+ photographers, 1 cause - because there still is hope for nature
26th of July - 26th of August 2020
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Marion Payr
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