Message of gratitude from our Founders Pie Aerts and Marion Payr

Prints for Wildlife has come to an end

Thank you to all of you who joined us to be part of the solution supporting local communities and wildlife across Africa during this extremely difficult time.

The key to conservation is putting people at the heart of the solution. This is done through community programs supporting health, education, job security, and sustainable livelihoods. African Parks, and their community-first approach to conservation, is ensuring that the protected areas under their management are safe places where wildlife and people can flourish. And in safe places, magical things can happen”. - Pie Aerts & Marion Payr, Prints for Wildlife Initiators.

Prints for Wildlife was a month-long fundraiser for African wildlife and communities that took place from 26 July to 26 August 2020. For 100 dollars a selection of over 100+ different prints from acclaimed wildlife photographers to emerging talents was available to help raise funds to support people and wildlife in 18 African parks in 11 countries. 100% of the proceeds (after printing and handling) went to African Parks.

African Parks manages over 14 million hectares of extraordinary landscapes and, while they are protecting vast ecosystems, providing safe places for lions, rhinos, gorillas, elephants and other species, their impact extends far beyond wildlife. They are also serving some of the most vulnerable communities who rely on these safe and wild areas for their livelihoods, and for their own survival.

Despite the challenges they are facing as a result of COVID, they are also continuing in their day-to-day management of these globally significant landscapes upon which so many depend. African Parks continues to be the largest employer in almost every remote region in which they work. Through well managed parks, every year tens of thousands of children have access to education through schools they have built or supported, and teacher salaries they fund. Families can access mobile healthcare units staffed by doctors and nurses. And, perhaps most significantly, hundreds and thousands of people have sustainable livelihoods – directly or indirectly through the parks.

We hope that Prints for Wildlife serves as both inspiration to you as to how valuable these ecosystems are, and a token of our thanks in helping to support efforts that are so important – more now than ever.

Thank you for caring as much as we do about wildlife, wild places, and the people who depend on them.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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