About "Prints for Wildlife"

Prints for Wildlife | The Fundraiser

Prints for Wildlife is a month-long fundraiser for African wildlife and communities that's coming back for a third time in summer 2022 after two editions since 2020.

    • A fundraiser to support wildlife conservation and communities in Africa
    • 170+ photographers, 1 cause
    • Our mission this year: Support African Parks on their quest to grow to 30 parks by 2030!

"Prints for Wildlife is more than just a fundraiser. It’s a community of like-minded people coming together and taking action for wildlife conservation. It’s over 170 photographers donating their stunning photos for the good cause. It’s thousands of people around the globe buying prints to support the conservation of some of the most important ecosystems of our planet. It’s one of the most hopeful stories in conservation - and we need you to spread this hope even further! If you are passionate for nature and wildlife then Prints for Wildlife is your chance to do good while also receiving some of the most outstanding wildlife photos from world renown photographers and upcoming talents as limited edition prints for your home or to give away as gifts." 


Effectively managed parks serve as a nucleus for stability, in that they become safe places. Where wildlife thrive, people thrive. These well-managed parks deliver a host of ecological, socio-political and economic benefits for people living in and around these landscapes. They create jobs, provide education, and change lives.

That is why an inspired and generous group of acclaimed international and emerging wildlife photographers is coming together every year since 2020 for an extraordinary, limited-edition, print fundraiser to support local communities and wildlife in Africa.

1,75 million dollars raised since 2020!

Over 170 photographers from over 30 countries including acclaimed wildlife photographers as well as local talent from Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana and South Africa are coming together each year for this fundraiser. This diverse group of photographers each generously donate one limited fine art print to the fundraiser, which are on offer for 100 USD per print.

  • All the funds collected via the print sale go directly to the non-profit conservation group African Parks to support their work
  • 100% of the proceeds (after printing and handling) are donated
  • In 2020 we raised 660,000 USD and in 2021 we raised 1,094 million USD!
  • A total of 1,75 million USD has been raised since!


Quick facts about this edition

  • Price per print: 100 USD (excluding shipping)
  • Shipping rate: 10 USD globally
  • A limited edition of 100 prints per photo is available, if they're gone they're gone and not coming back!
  • Images are printed on Hahnemühle Natural Line Hemp 290 gr paper, unframed
  • Print size: 30x45cm + 1cm white border (Full size of print: 32x47cm, exceptions apply on a few special format prints)
  • All prints for sale on this website are subject to copyright.

A look back at the beginning of "Prints for Wildlife"

    The print fundraiser titled “Prints for Wildlife” was launched for the first time in July 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to raise funds for African Parks to ensure protected areas continue to deliver benefits to people and wildlife during this unprecedented global crisis.

    Since then a lot has changed, but the natural world still needs our support! Watch as Pie Aerts and Marion Payr, co-founders of Prints for Wildlife, tell us a little more about the campaign and what inspired them to start it.

    Prints for Wildlife from African Parks on Vimeo.

    The project initiators

    Without knowing each other personally Pie and Marion joined forces in 2020 with one shared idea: To support conservation efforts during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions.

    Pie Aerts

    Pie Aerts (Instagram: @pie_aerts) is a Dutch documentary and wildlife photographer with a sincere interest in human/wildlife conflict stories. Through his lens, he examines the intricate relationship between animals, humans and nature and, as we become increasingly distant from each other and ourselves, he uses photography to search for the cause of this disconnect. He believes art can be an incredibly powerful tool in restoring that lost connection and therefore founded Prints for Wildlife in march 2020. Since the international outbreak of COVID-19 Pie traveled to Kenya 3 times to work on his new collection Umoja, visualising his personal relationship with the Kenyan landscape. Pie serves as a Canon EMEA ambassador and as Hahnemühle Natural Line Ambassador. 

    Marion Payr

    Marion Payr (Instagram: @marionpayris a travel photographer based in Austria. At the centre of Marions work is a dedication to the art of traveling, which unites us globally and acts as a driving force for cultural understanding and conservation. She believes in the power of imagery to convey these values to future generations. Marion dedicates much of her career to female empowerment, believing an equal representation of voices & images supports a vision of a united world in the spirit of togetherness. After not being able to travel to Africa in 2020 she returned to Kenya first thing in 2021 and talked to local conservation managers and tourism officials about the issues they are facing due to COVID-19. This has furthered her desire to launch another edition of “Prints for Wildlife”.

    Advisory Board

    In 2021 we added our new advisory board to act as sounding board and sparring partner and support Prints for Wildlife with their voices and ideas.
    Mia Collis (@mia_collis)

    Mia: "Prints for Wildlife is a wonderful initiative to support African Parks and to encourage people to take interest in the importance of our natural world."

    Clement Kiragu (@clementkiragu)
    Clement: “My support for Prints for Wildlife was hugely contributed to the community based approach that went into the thinking of this Initiative. I have seen communities around national parks live in poverty far too long. Since I started out in wildlife I always knew I wanted to do something about that. So, when Pie approached me about a cause that would benefit such communities, it was a no brainer. We all know the dangers we face with wildlife; We need to act NOW to start the wave of change we so desperately need. I am all about such change.”

    Marcus Westberg (@marcuswestbergphotography)
    Photographer & writer
    Marcus: “For me, joining Prints for Wildlife was a no-brainer. I have been working with African Parks for several years, but Covid put an end to my ability to support them in the field. Prints for Wildlife is a great way to continue that support at a time when it is needed more than ever - as well as an opportunity to collaborate with incredible photographers from all over the world.”

    Michael Lorentz (@mlorentz23)
    Safari guide, conservationist & photographer
    Michael: “Conservation can be daunting, and I am often asked, 'what can I do that makes a difference?' Prints for Wildlife is one answer. In buying a print (or even two), you become part of a movement that, at scale, has been shown to raise a significant amount of money - money that goes to African Parks, who is in my view the most effective conservation organization on the continent. Your purchase of a stunning photograph becomes part of a much larger narrative that truly does make a difference. Prints for Wildlife 'Round One' was a beautiful story in a challenging year that somehow captured the very best of who we are and what we can achieve when we all pull in the same direction.”

    The volunteers

    Prints for Wildlife would never have been possible without a dedicated team of volunteers who spent days and weeks supporting the fundraiser. Some of them working tirelessly in the photo lab packing and shipping orders others supporting us on handling the wave of support on Social Media. Let us just name a few!

    Martin Meyer / Our Social Media wizard

    Martin (Instagram: @martinmeyer_wild) is a wildlife photographer based in South Africa. Martin is the one behind a lot of the messages and answers you get on the Prints for Wildlife Instagram account!

    Julia Korn / Customer Service

    Julia (Instagram: @days_of_ubuntu) is a media & communications student and trained field & trails guide  and supported the first edition of Prints for wildlife already. In the second edition she will take on an even bigger role.

    Julia: "During the time I experienced and learned about wildlife in South Africa I realized the importance of protecting these wild places. The animals, the trees and everything in between are so unbelievably stunning. I believe we need to do everything in our power to make sure that the generations after us can enjoy wild spaces like we do. And in this African Parks is doing an amazing job! This is why, from the moment I heard of Prints for Wildlife, I knew, I needed to be a part of it in one way or another!"

    Christiaan Melis / Customer Service

    Christiaan (Instagram: @christiaan_melis) is currently studying "ancient studies" and works as a photographer who specialises in documentary and landscape photography and works mostly with analogue techniques. He already supported the first edition of Prints for wildlife as a volunteer and will come back for the second edition to support us even more.

    Christian: "For my work as a photographer I get to travel to some amazing places. Documenting cultures, landscapes and historical artefacts around the world taught me a lot. The most important lesson I have learned is that everything is connected, and that because of these connections the smallest link matters. So if I can be a link (even the weakest or smallest) in this project, in order to help African Parks and create awareness for the work of the rangers it is definitely worth my time and effort!"
    Chase Teron / E-Commerce & E-Mail marketing advisor
    Chase (Instagram: @Chase.Teron) is the owner of Artica Studios www.artica-studios.com and a professional photographer. After donating one of his gorgeous cheetah photos to the campaign in 2020 he offered to help us setting up Shopify in a more professional way - making the overall user experience better and taking our fundraiser to the next level!
    Chase: "I was a contributing photographer last year and again this year because the selflessness and positivity of this campaign is unmatched. Marion and Pie created PfW to unite the global supporters of the African tourism industry to come together to create a profound level of stimulus to directly help the African Parks Network. The positive energy of the PfW initiative is something that our planet really needs right now and the ripple effects of this campaign are global. This collaborative approach of world class photographers, fans and supporters coming together via the PfW campaign for the African Parks Network is truly the easiest way that we can all give back and how we can make the biggest difference. I cannot recommend supporting this campaign enough as the supporters get breathtaking images for their homes, their friends, families or co-workers and all the funds go directly towards protecting the African wildlife for generations to come."

    Graeme Green / Advisor

    Graeme (Instagram: @graeme.green) is a photographer and journalist for international publications specialising in wildlife, conservation, human rights, development and global issues. He is also the founder of the New Big 5 project (www.newbig5.com).

    Graeme: “When Pie got in touch ahead of the first Prints For Wildlife fundraiser asking for help, I was happy to get involved with such an obviously great cause, and it’s great to be asked back for this summer’s campaign. As a photographer and journalist, I’ve spent time in many of Africa’s incredible wildlife locations and learnt first-hand about the urgent issues facing animals, nature and people. African Parks do exceptional work to protect wildlife areas, working with local communities, experts and African governments. Photography can do so much to raise awareness about important issues and raising money is vital to keeping conservation work going. Prints For Wildlife is a great example of what can be achieved when people work together. It’s a pleasure to be able to help.” 

    Kady Kirchmayr / Social Media 

    Kady (Instagram: @kadyinvienna) is a Social Media strategist and avid photographer based in Austria. Thanks to her support we could keep you updated with daily Instagram stories full of beautiful photography, great storytelling and all the infos you needed about the fundraiser!

    The paper

    For this project we partnered with Hahnemühle and chose to work with the brand-new sustainable Hahnemühle Natural Line Hemp 290 gr paper. This paper uses one of the oldest and most diverse natural fibres in the world and is made of 60% hemp fibre and 40% cotton. The lightly textured surface gives the paper a pleasant, silky feel. Combined with the matt premium inkjet coating, this is a truly versatile fine-art inkjet paper. Colours and details are brilliantly reproduced, the depth of the black truly stands out and contrasts are reproduced with stunning effect. The acid and lignin-free fine-art inkjet paper meets the most discerning requirements for age resistance. A beautiful and sustainable printing solution.

    Click here to learn more!

    The contributing photographers

    Aarav Shah (Kenya)

    Adam Bannister (South Africa)

    Adam Kotze (South Africa)

    Agustin Cleris (Argentina)

    Alejandro Camba (Spain)

    Alessandro Beconi (Italy)

    Alice Peretie (France / UK)

    Amaya Shah (Kenya)

    Ami Vitale (USA)

    Amy Shutt (USA)

    Andrew Aveley (South Africa)

    Andrew Beck (South Africa)

    Andrew Liu (USA)

    Andrew McDonald (Scotland)

    Andy Biggs (USA)

    Andy Parkinson (UK)

    Anette Mossbacher (Germany)

    Anshul Sikri (India)

    Antonio Liebana (Spain)

    Benoît Bussard (Switzerland)

    Beverly Joubert (South Africa)

    Bjorn Perssen (Sweden)

    Brendon Cremer (South Africa)

    Brendon Jennings (South Africa)

    Brent Stirton (South Africa)

    Cameron Yarrow (UK)

    Carole Deschuymere (Belgium)

    Charl Stols (Botswana)

    Charlie Hamilton James (UK)

    Charly Savely (USA)

    Chase Teron (USA)

    Chris Fallows (South Africa)

    Chris Schmid (Switzerland)

    Clair Nicol (UK)

    Clement Kiragu (Kenya)

    Daisy Gilardini (Canada)

    Daniël Nelson (Netherlands)

    Daryl Balfour (South Africa)

    Dave Sandford (Canada)

    David Chancellor (UK)

    David Lloyd (UK)

    Debra Jamroz (Canada)

    Don Heyneke (South Africa)

    Drew Doggett (USA)

    Elena Didevska (Ukraine)

    Elsa Bussiere (France)

    Emilie Ristevski (Australia)

    Erin Sullivan (USA)

    Federico Veronesi (Kenya)

    Felix Rome (UK)

    Gabi Guiard (Spain)

    Gaël Ruboneka Vande weghe (Rwanda)

    George Benjamin (UK)

    George Dian Balan (South Africa)

    Georgina Goodwin (Kenya)

    Gesa Neitzel (Germany)

    Graeme Green (UK)

    Graeme Purdy (UK)

    Graham Springer (South Africa)

    Graham Wood (South Africa)

    Greg du Toit (South Africa)

    Gurcharan Roopra (Kenya)

    Hannes Lochner (South Africa)

    Harman Singh Heer (Australia)

    Harry Skeggs (UK)

    Hector David Astorga (USA)

    India Bulkeley (USA)

    Isak Pretorius (South Africa)

    Jackie Badenhorst (South Africa)

    James Kydd

    James Lewin (UK)

    Jamie Joseph (Zimbabwe)

    Jan van der Greef (Netherlands)

    Jan van Woerden (Netherlands)

    Jan Vermeer (Netherlands)

    Jane Michaelides-Smith (Kenya)

    Jason Charles Hill (Australia)

    Joachim Schmeisser (Germany)

    Jody MacDonald (USA)

    Joe Daniels (UK)

    Johan Lolos (Belgium)

    Johan Siggeson (Sweden)

    Johan van Zyl (South Africa)

    John Lord Booth (USA)

    Jonas Abana Eriksson (Congo)

    Jonathan Lee (USA)

    Jono Allen (Australia)

    Joshua Galicki (USA)

    Karabo LebronPeter Moilwa (Botswana)

    Karim Iliya (USA)

    Kate Newman (Australia)

    Kate Ochsman (USA)

    Ketan Khambhatta (India)

    Kiliii Yuyan (USA)

    Kirsten Frost (South Africa)

    Kristi Odom (USA)

    Konsta Punkka (Finland)

    Kyle de Nobrega (Botswana)

    Kyle Lewin (South Africa)

    Lance van de Vyver (South Africa)

    Laura Dyer (South Africa)

    Laura Galbraith (UK)

    Laurent Baheux (France)

    Lee-Anne Robertson (South Africa)

    Lucia Griggi (Italy)

    Marcel van Luit (Netherlands)

    Marco Gaiotti (Italy)

    Marco Ronconi (Italy)

    Marcus Westberg (Sweden)

    Marina Cano (Spain)

    Marion Payr (Austria)

    Mariza Freitas (Brazil)

    Mark Drury (USA)

    Mark Dumbleton (South Africa)

    Marlon du Toit (South Africa)

    Marsel van Oosten (Netherlands)

    Martin Meyer (South Africa)

    Matt Porteous (UK)

    Matt Todd (Australia)

    Matt Yardley (South Africa)

    Max Melesi (Kenya)

    Maxime Aliaga (France)

    Melanie Delamare (France)

    Mia Collis (Kenya)

    Michael Lorentz (South Africa)

    Michael Poliza (Germany)

    Michel d'Oultremont (Belgium)

    Michele Bavassano (Italy)

    Mickael Samama (France)

    Mike Dexter (South Africa)

    Mike Sutherland (South Africa)

    Misha Wilcockson (UK)

    Mithun Hunugund (India)

    Morgan Mulholland (South Africa)

    Mutua Matheka (Kenya)

    Naudé Heunis (South Africa)

    Nelis Wolmarans (South Africa)

    Nick Dyer (Kenya)

    Nili Gudhka (Kenya)

    Paolo Torchio (Italy)

    Pareet Shah (Kenya)

    Patrick Bentley (Zambia)

    Penny Robartes (South Africa)

    Pete McBride (USA)

    Pete Oxford (UK)

    Peter Delaney (Ireland/South Africa)

    Philippe Henry de Frahan (Belgium)

    Pie Aerts (Netherlands)

    Pieter Bas Bouwman (Netherlands)

    Pietro Luraschi (Italy)

    Piper Mackay (USA)

    Preeti & Prashant Chacko (India)

    Rahul Sachdev (India)

    Randall Ball (USA)

    Richard Flack (South Africa)

    Richard Peters (UK)

    Rihaz Sidi (Kenya)

    Robert Ross (USA)

    Sabine Stols (Botswana)

    Sam Stogdale (Kenya)

    Saul Rivkind (South Africa)

    Scott Ramsey (South Africa)

    Sergey Gorshkov (Russia)

    Sergio Pitamitz (France/Italy)

    Shaun Malan (Botswana)

    Shaaz Jung (India)

    Shannon Wild (South Africa)

    Shaun Malan (Botswana)

    Shaun Mousley (Kenya)

    Shem Compion (South Africa)

    Shivang Mehta (India)

    Stefano Rossi (Italy)

    Steve Winter (USA)

    Steve Woods (Canada)

    Sudhir Shivaram (India)

    Suhaib Avi (Kenya)

    Suzie Eszterhas (USA)

    Tami Walker (Zimbabwe)

    Thige Njuguna (Kenya)

    Thomas Mangelsen (USA)

    Thomas Vijayan (Canada)

    Tom Mason (UK)

    Tom Svensson (Sweden)

    Tom Way (UK)

    Tracey Jennings (Malaysia)

    Trai Anfield (UK)

    Vicki Jauron (USA)

    Vladimir Cech Jr (Czech Republic)

    Will Burrard-Lucas (UK)

    Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom (Netherlands)

    William Fortescue (UK)

    William Steel (Botswana)

    Wim van den Heever (South Africa)

    Xavier Ortega (Spain)

    Yaron Schmid (Israel)

    Yashpal Rathore (India)

    Yusuke Abe (Japan)


    Check out more about where your donations go to in the section "The cause".